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Everyone loves Italian food, and now a new spicy Italian treat is available in the form of Jerky.

This food staple is a true American Classic. Italian Jerky delivers a new taste sensation with beef jerky seasoned with traditional spices for an old-world taste. Those who have tried it, say they absolutely LOVE it. Enjoy this nutritious treat from Italian Jerky LLC, made for the true Jerky connoisseur.

Jerky Goes Italian!

Pizza jerky

Everybody Loves Italian Food

Now you can have original and traditional
Italian Flavors in our uniquely flavored jerky.

We Are The Only “Italian Jerky Original“

Our Story



During World War II, my grandparents, Erina and "Siro"  were living in Italy. My grandfather was in the military and heading off to war. My grandmother wanted to make sure he and his troop had meals they could carry with them that also last several days. So, Grandma Erina started drying meat with different Italian spices to give it traditional flavors, creating the Original Italian Jerky.

As children growing up, we forget all the sacrifices our parents and grandparents make for us to ensure we have a good life and freedom. It was something they fought for! And so, when we moved to the beautiful USA, yet still proud of our Italian heritage, we wanted to bring our Best Italian flavors to the Best American tradition: The Jerky.

Thanks to my Grandma's creativity, we are so excited to be able to use her Original Italian Jerky recipes in our products. Anyone who tastes our Jerky says, "IT'S THE BEST JERKY I'VE EVER HAD!" for me, it is like Grandma Erina is still with us.

We are so excited about the Jerky that we also decided to sell the spices!

However, the word "spices" is not really accurate. Those who have tried it say, "it's a sauce in a powder!" in fact, it is!

The spices are so great that as soon as you start using them, You can't stop - they simplify your life so much! It just takes a spoonful of spices and a few tablespoons of hot water to instantly create a delicious sauce for your pasta or meal. It's so easy; everyone can do it!

We started this project over a year ago with the goal of creating something new and unique that would have universal appeal.

On April 16, 2018, we introduced our first flavor “PIZZA JERKY” to the marketplace.

Three weeks later our first production run is sold out.

We are now in grocery stores & supermarket between PA, NH, NC, and few in NE & FL.

Since then we have introduced 3 additional flavors of Jerky and 3 snack sticks:

Snack Sticks

Snack Sticks
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Pizza jerky

Beef Jerky Pizza
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Tender Pork Jerky Porchetta

Pork Jerky Porchetta
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Chicken Jerky Alfredo
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Our next project besides the jerky is the introduction of an original line of unique Italian quick sauce.

Our sauces are unique in that they are already mixed and blended to add the perfect flavor to your favorite fish,meat, pasta or vegetable dish.

So if you're already using our spices, please send us a comment and a video and I will published to the web!

Italian Jerky Original